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The benefits of a properly insulated attic are generally well understood by most home and business owners, but they tend to forget to have their attic professionally inspected for insulation efficiency, dirty insulation and condensation buildup. Inadequate or damaged insulation in the attic of a building can result in high energy costs and an uncomfortable home or business. Dirty and contaminated attic insulation must be removed by a professional attic insulation removal company.

Having Your Attic Insulation Removed

Attic insulation removal should only be performed by a qualified technician using proper protective clothing and equipment. Removing dirty or contaminated attic insulation is the first step in an integrated approach to thoroughly cleaning an attic prior to installing new insulation. Old, dirty or contaminated attic insulation is inefficient and can cause serious health problems.

High energy bills may be an indication that the attic insulation in a home or business needs to be professionally removed and replaced. Dirty and contaminated attic insulation is often caused by rodents, birds, squirrels, snakes and other nuisance wildlife that take up residence in the attic. The buildup of mold produced by wild animal feces and urine in attics can lead to serious respiratory diseases. Only a professional company that specializes in toxic insulation removal is prepared to properly remove dirty attic insulation without compromising the health of building occupants.

Blown-In Attic Insulation

Home and business owners should rely on a professional insulation removal company with the necessary expertise and equipment to properly remove old blown-in insulation. A professional insulation removal company uses a high powered vacuum and hose and other specialty equipment to remove dirty and contaminated blown-in insulation without compromising the health of building occupants.

100 percent of the dust and debris will be suctioned up and safely collected in a high capacity filter bag. The filter bag was custom designed for the safe removal of dirty attic insulation. The attic insulation will then be safely removed from the business or residence.

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Batt Insulation

Ineffective and dirty batt insulation can also be safely removed from any building. Trained insulation removal technicians will place the bat insulation in contractor grade trash bags. The bags of dirty insulation will then be manually removed from the attic. Professional bat insulation removal techniques were developed to avoid the possibility of contaminating living areas with toxic insulation dust.

Expert Insulation Removal

The removal of dirty insulation should only be attempted by a professional company with the knowledge, equipment and experience to properly handle toxic and contaminated materials. Removing dirty insulation is not a do-it-yourself project. It should also be noted that many older insulation products were manufactured using harmful materials or chemicals. A professional insulation removal company is familiar with the various toxic materials and how to safely remove them from a home or business.

Many older insulation products contain asbestos or fiberglass. These dangerous materials must be handled and disposed of with care. Blown-in insulation is particularly difficult to remove since it is typically piled up higher than the joists. An experienced insulation removal technician knows where to step without damaging ceilings or vents.

Safely removing contaminated insulation from an attic or crawl space is only the first step toward energy efficiency and a healthy home or business. Every attic should be professionally sealed prior to installing new insulation. It’s important to eliminate the holes and cracks that allow nuisance wildlife to enter an attic. Healthy living and energy efficiency really do complement one another perfectly. Call today to have a home or business attic professionally inspected, cleaned, sealed and insulated.

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