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Attic Exclusion Services

After conquering an attic wildlife problem, do not breathe a sigh of relief just yet. Animals have an extraordinary way of finding their way home, and if they have decided to move in with you, your unwelcome house guests may come knocking again in no time.

Pioneer Pest Management is here to help. Our attic exclusion services are designed to keep animals out of your attic with immediate control methods we have developed over 14 years of industry experience.

Humane Control

As an environmentally-friendly company, we emphasize humane pest control methods. Whenever possible, we prefer to use wildlife exclusion, which allows animals to get out but not back in. We know from experience that exclusion is safer, more humane and more effective for long-term wildlife management.

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The Exclusion Process

During the attic exclusion process, we carefully examine your attic inside and out. We follow identifiers like droppings, chew marks, oil marks and obvious damage to identify obvious entry points. We will close up most of the access points, then leave one open and install a special exclusion device that lets animals leave your home but not re-enter.

The device will be left in place for up to a few weeks before we make a return visit to close up the remaining access point. We will complete another inspection to check on repairs and look for signs of further infestation. We encourage you to call us at any sign of re-infestation so we can immediately address the issue.

Once we are confident the wildlife exclusion process has been successful, we can come back out for a final inspection and to perform an attic restoration. We can clean up, decontaminate and replace important materials like insulation.

State-of-the-Art Services You Can Trust

When you put Pioneer Pest Management on the job, you can expect a team of highly qualified, uniformed professionals to arrive at your home on time and ready to work hard for your family. All of our team members undergo rigorous background checks, and we stand behind all of our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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