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It’s extremely important that homeowners have a qualified insulation removal and installation contractor inspect the attic area to determine whether there is damaged or contaminated insulation that needs to be removed. Decontaminating an attic area and installing new insulation can improve energy efficiency and restore a healthy environment for building occupants. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the hazards associated with contamination in an attic.

Animals in Your Attic

Insulation that has been damaged and contaminated by nuisance wild animals is inefficient and unhealthy. Wild animal pests enter attics through structural defects, degraded building materials, and gaps, holes or cracks in building soffits, overhangs and vents. The building needs to be repaired and professionally sealed to prevent wild animals from entering the attic and contaminating insulation. Wildlife exclusion is the only way to prevent animals from entering a home or business attic and damaging attic insulation, wiring, and other important components of a home.

Aside from having a home attic professionally sealed, it’s important to have the existing attic insulation inspected by an attic reconditioning expert. Most people spend years complaining about high energy costs and debilitating respiratory conditions, but they never consider the possibility that damaged and contaminated attic insulation could be the cause of their problems. Many insulation installation companies only make the problem worse by piling new insulation on top of old insulation.

Only an experienced attic reconditioning expert knows what to look for and how to solve a contaminated insulation problem. Attic insulation that has been contaminated with animal feces is relatively easy to detect, but urine contamination is another matter. Special equipment may be required. A professional attic clean-up company has the knowledge and equipment to help homeowners determine whether part or all of the attic insulation needs to be replaced.

Attic restoration involves the professional removal of contaminated insulation and attic clean-up. It is vital that an attic is properly sealed in order to prevent animals from entering. Without animals being able to enter your attic, you are going to find it easier to keep you attic clean and well-maintained.

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Effective Attic Clean-up

Specialized vacuum technology and protective equipment is required to safely remove toxic blown-in insulation. Removing contaminated blown-in insulation in any other manner will endanger the health of the insulation removal technicians and building occupants. Bat insulation must be sealed in special bags and manually removed from the attic area. The use of improper techniques and equipment could contaminate the entire building. The vacuum hose should be inserted through a roof or gable vent to prevent contamination of the interior environment.

Attic reconditioning is an essential component of restoring energy efficiency and healthy living to a home or business. Contaminated insulation and HVAC ducts are the source of many undiagnosed environmental diseases. Breathing indoor air that has been contaminated with mold and fungus is extremely dangerous. Wild animals also carry a number of other communicable diseases that are harmful to humans.

Affordable Attic Services

Attic reconditioning is an affordable way to reduce health problems and exorbitant energy bills. Old, damaged and contaminated insulation loses its insulating capacity over the years. Nuisance wild animals only make matters worse by contaminating attic insulation with fecal matter, urine and nesting materials. A professional attic restoration company can eliminate the buildup of toxic dust caused by decomposed insulation. Call today for affordable attic restoration, decontamination, wild animal exclusion and insulation installation services.

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