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Crawl Space Restoration

The area of the home that people forget exists most days is the crawl space. This section of a home is usually the central storage area for the pipes, wires, and ductwork. Keeping the crawl space’s air quality healthy is critical since the airflow from this area circulates throughout the main areas of a home.

Crawl spaces are unappealing to most humans but become a most welcoming refuge for raccoons, rodents, and other neighboring wildlife. They offer safety, shelter and warmth to these critters. These wild animals end up trashing their new homes as if they were still out in the wild.

Crawl Space Drainage

If the home is located within an area that has been experiencing a larger than normal amount of precipitation, unwelcome standing water is everywhere. Naturally with the larger quantities of water, it has no place to go and ends up in basements and crawl spaces. Water is known to play havoc with a home’s foundation. Water around the home will eventually erode the foundation creating more problems with crawl space drainage and weaken the home’s structure which causes settling.

Allowing stagnant water to remain in the crawl space will eventually cause several different issues to arise that will plague a home

Sump Pump Installation

Standing water in the crawlspace of a home can be problematic to a homeowner. Stagnant water in a home can cause mold and mildew, which can erode building materials, sheetrock, beams, and floor boards. The most traditional method for removing standing water in a crawlspace is with the help of a sump pump. Proper sump pump installations also give the homeowner peace of mind by keeping their home free from the hazards of standing water in the home’s crawlspace.

Vapor Barrier Replacement

In a crawl space, a vapor barrier functions as a blocking device to retain moisture. That vapor barrier keeps the area dry and the building’s structural components free from moisture and its destructive elements. A vapor barrier decreases water vapor movement by diffusing and controlling the moisture. If the moisture in the water vapor is not controlled, the incidence of mold and mildew grows. Moisture, mildew, and mold problems in the crawlspace can produce negative circumstances in the home’s environment and structural integrity.

Crawlspace Wildlife Exclusion

Animals that make residence in a home will quickly turn into a nuisance. A home’s crawlspace offers an ideal location for these critters to set up a nest for their babies. Their presence in the home can be disheartening when homeowners find the destruction they cause. The need for a wildlife control expert will be evident as the smell of their urine and feces penetrates the home’s family space.

These experts will assess the damage and check out if these little visitors have decided to redecorate their new crawlspace. Besides contaminating the area with excrement, wildlife may tear down the air ducts and extricate the subfloor’s insulation for their own purposes.


Moisture in a crawl space should never be taken lightly. Damages from moisture can wreak havoc on the stability of the structure. Mold, mildew and other fungi thrive in these dark, damp areas resulting in unsightly, smelly and unhealthy conditions. So, to keep these problems under control, it is crucial to keep the moisture under control.

Crawl space moisture is a problem that cannot go unchecked indefinitely. Whether a system of fans or a dehumidifier is used to rectify the problem, it is important to assess all of the pros and cons to make the best decision for the matter at hand. If unsure as to which option is the best, it is always a good idea to call in a professional home service with representatives who are trained in dealing with this type of problem for advice.


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Crawl Space Services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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