Crawl Space Restoration


Crawl Space Restoration in Portland OR and Vancouver WAThe home’s crawl space is usually the central storage area for the pipes, wires, and ductwork. Because the air flows through the crawl space and circulates in the home, it is imperative that the air quality is maintained.

Unwanted Wildlife Tenants

Crawl spaces are unappealing to most humans but become a most welcoming refuge for raccoons, rodents, and other neighboring wildlife. They offer safety, shelter and warmth to these critters. These wild animals end up trashing their new homes as if they were still out in the wild. Your pest control professional will likely recommend a crawl space restoration.

Why crawl space restoration?

When crawl spaces are infested with wild animals, contamination is evident creating an unsanitary environment for the family living in the same house. Nesting wildlife usually produce intense urine and feces odors which can circulate through the home’s HVAC systems. Along with removing these unwanted guests, the homeowner may also find dangerous amounts of moisture creating an environment ripe with toxic levels of mildew and mold. These added dangers to the home’s environment raise the need for crawl space repair.

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How is Crawl Space Restoration Executed?

There are no surprises here, crawl space restoration is exactly what it appears to be. Crawl space repair begins with pulling everything out of the crawl space. This includes the insulation, animal debris, and the vapor barrier. After the removal of the contaminated elements, the decontamination procedure will commence. When the crawl space area is sanitized, fresh materials and a new vapor barrier will be restored. This is a laborious task but crawl space repair is necessary for the health of the family living in the home.

Restoration is Not Always Necessary

The home may already have a vapor barrier in the crawlspace. Improperly installed barriers or one that does not meet building codes also needs to be replaced before problems occur later. When rodents, raccoons, or other wildlife take up residence in the crawlspace, they can contaminate the barriers. Knowing that 40 percent of the air occupants breathe in their home comes from the crawlspace, maintaining the air quality of the crawlspace requires vapor barrier replacements.

Crawl Space Clean-Up & Restoration in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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