Vapor Barrier Replacement

crawlspace vapor barrier replacement


In a crawl space, a vapor barrier functions as a blocking device to retain moisture that develops naturally from the ground. That vapor barrier keeps the area dry and the building’s structural components free from moisture and its destructive elements. A vapor barrier decreases water vapor movement by diffusing and controlling the moisture. If the moisture in the water vapor is not controlled, the incidence of mold and mildew grows. Moisture, mildew, and mold problems in the crawlspace can produce negative circumstances in the home’s environment and structural integrity.

Vapor barrier installation can reduce risks for:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Odors
  • Poor environmental air quality
  • Aggravation of allergies
  • Dust mites and bugs
  • An increase in heating and cooling bills
  • Floor sagging or failure
  • Wood rot

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Materials used to make a vapor barrier

Vapor barriers are made of several different materials. In the past, builders would just use a black plastic material to cover the floor of a crawlspace. Today there are several unique types of vapor barriers used. These materials are as diverse as the situations they manage. A professional vapor barrier installation team knows the most practical ones to utilize. The materials used are determined by the concentration of the moisture in the space. Various vapor barrier installation materials used for projects are listed below:

  • Polyethylene plastic sheet
  • Asphalt-coated kraft processed paper with fiberglass batting
  • Foil faced foam board insulation
  • Industrial strength aluminum foil
  • Paper backed aluminum

For vapor barrier replacements, any of the sheeting above helps deter moisture diffusion through floors, ceilings, and walls to help prevent the water vapor and moisture from destroying property.

Crawlspace vapor barrier replacement

The home may already have a vapor barrier in the crawlspace. Over the years, the vapor barrier can get damaged, torn or moved by trade specialists that have access to the space and often leave the area of work exposed. Improperly installed barriers or one that does not meet building codes also needs to be replaced before problems occur later. When rodents, raccoons, or other wildlife take up residence in the crawlspace, they can contaminate the barriers. Cleaning the excrement out of the soiled area dictates removal of the material. Knowing that 40 percent of the air occupants breathe in their home comes from the crawlspace, maintaining the air quality of the crawlspace requires vapor barrier replacements.

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