Crawl Space Drainage

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Poor drainage from damp standing water in a home’s crawl space will eventually damage the structural integrity and foundation of a home. This stagnant water also affects the home’s living environment by offering mold, mildew, insects and rodents the perfect setting to live and breed. As the healthy environment in the crawl space is weakened, it will spread to the family living areas. Crawl space drainage does not have to be an issue. An experienced contractor will be able to locate the source of the unwanted water and develop a plan to rectify the issue.

If the home is located within an area that has been experiencing a larger than normal amount of precipitation, unwelcome standing water is everywhere. Naturally with the larger quantities of water, it has no place to go and ends up in basements and crawl spaces. Water is known to play havoc with a home’s foundation. Water around the home will eventually erode the foundation creating more problems with crawl space drainage and weaken the home’s structure which causes settling.

Excessive Water in a Crawl Space

Allowing stagnant water to remain in the crawl space will eventually cause several issues to arise and plague a home:

  • Dry rot
  • Warping of the floors
  • Waterlogged HVAC duct work
  • Settlement of the structure

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Finding the Source of the Water

Once found, unwanted water in the crawlspace should not be ignored. Calling a drainage expert to discuss a course of action for water remediation is important. To begin the water remediation process, they will check such things as:

  • The height of the water table the house is sitting on
  • A spring of water resurfacing after a long drought
  • Runoff from the settling of hard surfaces (patios or driveways)
  • Soil is graded toward the house, leading water directly into the crawl space
  • The house is sitting at the bottom of a hill
  • Malfunctioning gutters on the roof overloading the garden with rainwater

Each home is unique, and so are their crawl space drainage issues. The drainage professional will know whether the home requires a sump pump or just drainage matting. Sometimes an improperly installed low point drain needs to be lowered to solve the water issue. They will hunt down the source of the water and evaluate the situation to find a solution.

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