Wildlife Trapping and Removal

Are strange noises and scratching being heard in the home from the walls or crawlspace? It’s time to have a wildlife exclusion expert inspect the home’s crawlspace for any intruders. Sometimes the family pet will sound the alarm if they sense a wild critter is in the house by sniffing, pawing or barking. Here are a few of the nuisance wildlife that is typically found in a home.

Squirrel Trapping and Removal

Squirrels are small to medium size rodents with bushy tails that can commonly be found outdoors, climbing trees and foraging food. If a squirrel decides to make your attic or garage its new home, it can cause substantial damage by chewing through your home’s insulation and wiring. If you have a garden or lawn, squirrels can eat through your vegetation and dig holes in your grass.

Moles Trapping and Removal

Moles can be a destructive pest. Their tunnels can destroy landscaping in a matter of weeks and turn beautiful lawns into ankle-twisting traps. If you have a major mole problem on your hands, do not waste your money on the empty promises of hardware store contraptions. Put the seasoned pros at Pioneer Pest Management on the case. We provide residential and commercial mole removal services that are humane and effective.

Opossums Trapping and Removal

Being marsupials, opossums carry their young in a pouch like the kangaroos from Australia. Unfortunately, they are a major nuisance when they invade a home. They are not gracious guests but one of the messiest visitors. If they move into a new home, they immediately begin to tear and mess up the area.

Raccoon Trapping and Removal

Raccoons appear to be sweet natured but when corned will become vicious. They usually use their teeth and claws to defend themselves. An animal control expert should be called when raccoon removal is required from a crawlspace. Raccoons appear to be sweet natured but when corned will become vicious. They usually use their teeth and claws to defend themselves.

Skunk Trapping and Removal

Skunks are busiest in the warmer months. They usually do not hibernate but during a cold snap, they will stay in their dens inactive for several weeks. Being nocturnal, they aren’t active during the day and rarely seen out in the open. While contributing to maintaining the populations of these wildlife nuisances, these critters themselves create havoc on property, and to domestic animals found near homes. Skunks will dine on poultry and their eggs as well as eat vegetables, fruit and damage beehives demanding skunk exclusion.

Bats Trapping and Removal

Bats are found throughout a wide geographic area. Considering their primary source of food is insects, bats are happy wherever they can find a generous supply of insects and temperate weather which covers a large area of North America. There are several different species found throughout the continent.


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