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Raccoon Exclusion

Allowing wild animals to live in any part of a home can lead to complications for all. An animal control expert should be consulted to safely remove the offender, clean up and repair the mess, and explain how your home can be protected from these unpleasant incidents in the future.

Signs the Raccoons are Visiting

Our animal control experts will inspect the property to see where the raccoons are entering the home. A racoon will exploit attractive nesting sites like a home’s foundation vents, under a deck or porch, or the dormers and soffits.
Signs a raccoon is living in the home:

  • Raccoons are nocturnal; their nightly activities may keep the entire family awake
  • Damage to property
  • Observing raccoons roaming the property or entering a section of the house
  • Fecal matter left near openings
  • Paw prints and tracks around the house
  • Overturned garbage cans
  • Motion-activated lights getting tripped
  • pet food taken
  • muddy prints on lower walls

Ready for your Raccoon Exclusion Consultation?

Raccoon Exclusion is a Continual Process

Raccoon exclusion is an effective long-term method that can be employed to prevent further damage from a raccoon. Inspecting the house for gaps and access to the crawlspace that could be used by wildlife is the first step. Raccoons only need access points that are 4 inches in diameter to enter a space. Closing these gaps in the house is important but not before raccoon removal is completed. It is vital to keep food and water unavailable as this will discourage raccoons from foraging on the property.

Using non-lethal traps may be required to stop the raccoons from moving to other parts of the house. An animal control professional should be called to do the trapping for raccoon removal. They are trained to avoid raccoon bites and handle their waste, which can lead to serious diseases. Pioneer Home Services Northwest can suggest raccoon exclusion techniques to prevent this situation in the future.

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