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Skunks are busiest in the warmer months. They usually do not hibernate but during a cold snap they will stay inactive in their dens for several weeks. Being nocturnal, they aren’t active during the day and rarely seen out in the open.

Health Concerns from Exposure to Skunks

Skunks are notorious for setting up home under foundations, home decks, and inside crawlspaces, which calls for skunk control. Their presence on the property can be dangerous to the family and removal is necessary. Striped skunks second only to raccoons in carrying the highly contagious rabies virus, which can pose significant health risks to us humans.

When frightened, the skunk can discharge an oily repellent spray composed of sulfurous compounds. When their tail is raised, this fluid can be discharged multiple times at a range up to 20 feet. Not only is this liquid highly pungent, it can also cause pain and temporary blindness after coming in contact with eyes.

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Skunk Behavior

As carnivorous animals, skunks prefer to feed on rodents which are known to be harmful to people. Skunks also feast on insects, helping to keep crops and properties safe from these vermin.

However, while contributing to maintaining the populations of these wildlife nuisances, skunks themselves create havoc on property and pets and other domestic animals; they will devour poultry and their eggs, as well as vegetable and fruit gardens, and even damage beehives. All of these factors make skunk property exclusion necessary.

Skunk Exclusion Techniques

Part of skunk exclusion is ensuring structures on your property won’t be considered potential denning sites. Filling holes with concrete, dirt or coated wire mesh is recommended to help discourage skunks from excavating and building a home. Removing the skunks on the property is a necessary step before closing off access and potentially trapping the animal in a structure. The professionals at Pioneer have the equipment, humane traps, and applications to help protect your home.

Skunks Trapping and Removal Services in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

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