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Squirrel Trapping and Removal Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Appearance: Squirrels are small to medium size rodents with bushy tails that can commonly be found outdoors, climbing trees and foraging for food.
Feeds On: berries, nuts, vegetation, seeds, insects, and occasionally small animals including rats and birds.
Nests: Squirrels nesting in homes, attics and garages are a common occurrence. A squirrel will typically gain entry into your home by chewing through siding, climbing through vents, or entering the home through any small opening, including crawlspaces, dormers, soffits, or attic vents. They will usually build a nest and begin to store food.
Concerns: If a squirrel decides to make your attic or garage its new home, it can cause substantial damage by chewing through your home’s insulation and wiring. If you have a garden or lawn, squirrels can eat your vegetation and dig holes in your grass.

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